Historic Ballparks: An Evolution

It all started in 1891 with the Polo Grounds III in New York and Exposition Park in Pittsburgh. Baseball stadiums have come a long way since the inception of these two historic ballparks, and now include many attributes that may be similar to your local mall. From the Polo Grounds with it’s bathtub shape, to […]

Vintage Stadium Seats Growing in Popularity

Yankee Stadium seats

Once upon a time, vintage stadium seats were thought of as disposable.  Durable, yes.  But nothing more than a place to plant your bottom as you watched baseball. Now, they’re considered high end collectibles. Baseball memorabilia has gained mainstream respect and collecting ballpark seats is among the hottest forms of collecting as well as one […]

Collecting Ballpark Memorabilia

Ballpark seats Griffith Stadium Washington

The world of sports collectibles and memorabilia has been a highly popular hobby for quite some time and ballpark memorabilia is a big part of it. While some people do it for the opportunity to profit from the items, many more do it for the nostalgia and memories of sporting events that have played such […]

Top 5 Ballparks

Collectors have flocked to buy memorabilia from historic ballparks in recent years. Stadium seats, lockers from the clubhouse, signs from the concourses and virtually anything else was put up for auction or sale at Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium, Tiger Stadium and Busch Stadium, among others. And there were plenty of buyers. Historic ballparks have a […]